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The first company in the world to industrialize the production process of wood composites, ALPI began as a workshop of fine cabinetry, and rapidly became an industrial leader in the production of decorative surfaces.
This breakthrough already began in the 1950s, with the entry of Valerio Alpi in the firm’s management and the launch of capillary distribution across the entire national territory.
In 1961 the company presented "ALPIlignum," the first composite veneer, a true revolution made possible by intensive technological research and an important background in fine woodworking, which rapidly led to growth on international markets.
In 1975 the group opened its first facility in Cameroon to guarantee a constant supply of raw materials. Starting in the 1980s, with the entry of Vittorio Alpi, prestigious collaborations began with outstanding names in design, developing a deep bond between the company and the world of creativity.
ALPI’s ongoing accent on innovation has also led to the collaboration with Piero Lissoni, art director of the company since June 2015.

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