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Alted is a Barcelona based company. Born in 2023, our mission is to transform innovative and climate positive materials into low-impact architectural products. Our first collection, Alted H01, is a series of decorative panels using HONEXT® as base material, a carbon-negative board made of waste from the paper industry.

Alted’s goal is to accelerate the introduction of new materials into the construction market, by transforming them into ready-to-install architectural products with a clear approach: balancing aesthetics and functionality with the Circular Economy principles. The construction sector has a strong ecological impact, it produces 40% of the global CO₂ emissions – and this number will double by 2040.

Alted approaches this big societal challenge from the materiality, since 1/2 of the emissions produced by the building industry come only from the materials, the way they are sourced, manufactured, transported, used, and finally demolished into waste – the embodied carbon.

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