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Vegetables are grown with love by farmers. Any of them planned to be thrown away, but are destined for disposal when not meeting the required quality. What happens with the coffee beans after coffee is brewed? Coffee warms our heart and body with its aroma and heat, but the beans?
The fate of these vegetables and beans is waste bin.
But we believe they are worth for another life. We, fabula want to give the waste a New Story, with new means, which will contribute to our sustainable life.
As a new construction material to create a new space or building, and tools and dishes supporting our life. A new life and value is given to waste, or which we believed to be “waste”.
“Waste” will enrich our life, generate creativity, and sustainable future with new dimension. We, fabula, will create the New Story, the never ending, with our passion and love for the earth and all livings, and things, including things that are considered to be valueless.