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Studio Woojai

WooJai Lee's artistic practice centers around materials. Through his experiments with various materials, he seeks to unearth the hidden potential within the ordinary. By transforming these materials into unconventional applications such as furniture, interior elements, and sculptures, WooJai challenges the stereotypical approaches to working with a material. WooJai accentuates tactile qualities, thereby creating a material experience that is both felt and conveyed through the materials themselves. Through close observation, WooJai aims to foster an appreciation for the aspects of life often deemed mundane. Old newspapers, cracks in brick walls, and corners of rooms all serve as inspirations for the materials, forms, and narratives in his work. His body of work speaks to the beauty found in imperfections.
Alted’s goal is to accelerate the introduction of new materials into the construction market, by transforming them into ready-to-install architectural products with a clear approach: balancing aesthetics and functionality with the Circular Economy principles. The construction sector has a strong ecological impact, it produces 40% of the global CO₂ emissions – and this number will double by 2040. Alted approaches this big societal challenge from the materiality, since 1/2 of the emissions produced by the building industry come only from the materials, the way they are sourced, manufactured, transported, used, and finally demolished into waste – the embodied carbon.