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Tŷ Syml

Tŷ Syml is an award-winning experimental design studio based in Pembrokeshire, South Wales. We are currently focusing on the use of seaweed and mycelium (mushroom) composites as a material to create a range of products such as lampshades and acoustic wall panels. With a focus on sustainability, the materials we develop are designed to have a negligible impact on society and the environment. One of the reasons that Tŷ Syml is based in Wales is our aspiration to have a positive influence on the Welsh economy. We aim to provide quality employment and training opportunities for local residents but also to attract highly skilled individuals to the area by providing diverse job roles. A longer term aim would also be involvement with local schools and universities. We hope to provide training opportunities and also support the teaching of the importance of sustainability. As a company one of our main priorities is to put Wales on the map as a country with a reputation for innovation and sustainable design. Tŷ Syml places value on the use of traditional skills that can be used to create modern and sustainable products using locally sourced materials.