About Us

What we do?

A one-stop listing directory platform that opens the door to the world of architectural building materials revitalizes the field of architectural interior design. ArchiMAT Digital platforms specially curated for the world of construction and architectural materials.

The Dying of Building Material Library


How do you search a material library? Do you begin with a sample library at a design firm or do you first research them online?

If your answer is the former, based on the user trend, it is believed that you are aged 38 and above. And if your answer is the latter, you have a tendency to fall into the category of age ranging between 22-37.

Tell us if we got it right. 

In either case, firms are now gradually moving to digital libraries where the demand is found, as to meet designers where they are at, in a format they prefer. 


Benefits of ArchiMAT

Environmental awareness can boost your brand image

Many industries have gone digital over the years, and everything you know about the old version of the interior design industry is slowly dying off. Interior design field is now thriving digitally through eCommerce which allows commercial transactions to be conducted seamlessly electronically on the Internet, with a few clicks. The House of Sample Library, colour palette is now vastly available online so that there is lesser wastage of printing inks, paper, resources and many more. Digital design will not run out of style unlike physical sample library, as it is all under your control.

Redefine online shopping experiences with AR/VR

Designers are always quick on their feet, but imagine shopping for your next project at the comfort of your office or home, all done digitally. The thought of not having to ransack through a pile of sample library, and to be able to look up the material you want within a few clicks could save you so much time and hassle. If you are satisfied with what you find and wants to purchase a product, send in a message to the vendor for more information or price quotation.

Enhance client experience and confidence

Visual speaks a thousand words. Option to object material map 2D and 3D into actual construction sites and take screenshots to review with clients will definitely boost clients’ confidence in your work of art and company. An experience within reach for all.